IslamWord, words teaching the good Saturday, 04 from June 2011

Muslims – especially in such places as those liable to flood, hurricane, volcano, earthquake or desert – are aware that there is violence in nature, but it is part of an underlying harmony, a deep balance which maintains all life.  Many so-called natural disasters have been created by humans – for example. The famine in the Sudan (a formerly food exporting country) was caused by neglecting the ecology and growing too much cotton as cash – crop to pay back interest on loans; the flooding in Bangladesh was made worse by uprooting the forests.


              We have yet to understand fully the damage done by cutting down the earth’s rain – forests (whose trees supply to much of the planet’s oxygen), but ecologists are alarmed.  The terrible pollution caused by lead petrol and release into our atmosphere of CFC gases are two disasters that governments are desperately trying to put right, with variable success.


            As regards living species, many are rapidly becoming extinct that have survived all these centuries, and the cause for much of this lies in either pollution of their natural habitat, damage or destruction of their food supply, or over-fishing or over farming.


            If net-mesh is too small, or if pregnant animals and fish are taken; or animals are hunted to extinction for their fur or skin or tusks or body oils; or rare creatures are gunned down for sport; or hedgerows are obliterated and all wild land put under artificial cultivation – may be on the Day of Judgment we will have to answer about these things.