IslamWord, words teaching the good Saturday, 04 from June 2011

Muslim women have the right to run their own household without the strain of having to go out to earn wages.  In fact, Islam raised the status of the housewife as no other religion or society has ever done before or since, even giving a mother the right to charge her husband for breast-feeding his baby.  Being a housewife or ‘hose – mother’ is regarded as the most valuable of all occupations, for it safeguards the next generation, and gives comfort and support to the existing family members.  A wise man loves and cherishes the mother of his family above all else.


            Abu Hurayrah recorded: ‘A man came to the Prophet and asked: ‘Who among all people is most worthy of my good company?’ The Prophet said, ‘Your mother.’ The man again asked: ‘Who next?’ He said: ‘Your mother.’ The man again asked: ‘who next?’ Again the Prophet asked: ‘Your mother.’ Only next did he say: ‘ Your father.’ (Bukhari, Muslim 6188,, Abu Dawud 5120) 


            Don’t forget that the word; housewife’ frequently means ‘unpaid cleaner, cook, gardener, nurse, child-minder, chauffeur, teacher, secretary, etc.  It would cost a husband a fortune to replace what his wife does with hired staff.